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The facilities and amenities of a property provide for a work-life balance for residents to enjoy. As they say, all work and no play makes one a dull boy. 

For HORIZONS EAST ORTIGAS, there’s a Function Room where you can celebrate   special events like birthdays, wedding showers, baptismal parties, debut, graduations and reunions. 

What’s more:  There’s also an open lounge that you can use for chilling out on certain occasions, too, or if you’re up for it – you can invite friends and relatives over for some bonding times. Exciting times, indeed. 

Your kids will get excited over playing with their siblings and neighbors’ kids as there’s a playground for them to run around and play.  A playground for the kids is one place where they will love to wander and loiter around. Parents need not worry about their kids having a safe place to play as it is right here in the neighborhood. They will not have to taken to the arcades of the malls just to be able to play games. They can do playing as long as they want until they tire out as it is within the community. 

For the active and sporty buffs, a gym is a part of the community.  There is also a   full court where you and your friends can play basketball, tennis or perhaps, volleyball.  Play and goof around with your friends as you develop team camaraderie and sportsmanship in the end. Friendly competitions are what you can look forward as you maximize the use of the court and have fun with friends at the same time. 

You can do your daily workouts and exercises here plus you can make it a bonding time with family and friends.  Stretch your muscles as you hop, run, jump, flex, twist and bend your stressed-out bodies. A one-hour workout daily can do a lot to help make you energized and healthy for the rest of your lives. 

Or, for another option – there’s a biking and jogging path where you can do your daily doses of engaging in tour favorite sports and workout activities. A number of sports facilities are available, too. Just pick on your choice and do your thing to achieve the health goals you’re aspiring for. 

When you feel you need to relax and rest for a while after doing all these workouts and strenuous activities, go and find the garden benches that will help you recharge. Sit down and just breathe in the fresh air of the surroundings. Life is beautiful! Renew and soothe your senses as you face the day ahead. Or after work or business, be sure to drop by here in case you’ve been all worn-out, tired and stressed from the grind. Chilling by the garden benches will help you ease all the worries for the day. 

Two pools, one of which is a lap pool, will surely excite the young and adults.  The kids can swim to their hearts’ content while the parents and adults can just lounge and watch over them.  Schedule swimming parties with friends’ families or neighbors so it will be more fun. Bring in some food as you plan to enjoy weekends reading your favorite book or sipping your coolers as you bask in the sun and other refreshing greens all around you. A gazebo is also where one can just chill around or have talks with the rest of your group. A perfect way to spend the weekends as well as days when there is no work or business to do for the parents. 

Other facilities that you will be pleased about are the availability of a water station, convenience store and a laundry station. Nothing beats having all these basic stuff right in your own neighborhood, ‘right? At HORIZONS EAST – you need not worry about these things since they are available right here in your own home. How cool is that? 

Last but not the least, there’s a Property Management Office that would take care of all your needs, just in case. If you would have issues or concerns about you home – they will readily assist you. They have the skilled professionals to check and attend to whatever your complaints are. Trust the DATEM group who is able to think about the residents’ needs first and foremost.

  • Club House
  • Pool
  • Play ground
  • Parking
  • Kiddie Pool 
  • Gazebo
  • Basketball Court 
  • Jogging Path
  • Open Lounge 
  • Café
  • Gym 
  • Convinience Store
  • Garden Benches
  • Badminton Court
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